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Kern Schools has several easy and convenient ways for you to view your account information. Two services designed to do this are eStatements and eNotices. Free to all Members, eStatements and eNotices are available in DataNet (our online banking system). To sign up for eStatements and eNotices, please follow the instructions below and start accessing the information you need, when you need it. Benefits include:

  • Receive your statements and notices quicker than mailed paper copies.
  • Access to your account history and check copies twenty-four hours a day.
  • Reduces the risk of mail fraud and identity theft.
  • Eliminates paper clutter while conserving resources.

Go Paperless Today!

  1. Enroll in DataNet here. (If already enrolled, skip to step 2.)
  2. Log into DataNet and select the Accounts tab.
  3. Within the Accounts tab, select the eStatement sub-tab and click on View eStatements.
  4. Read and accept the eStatement Enrollment – Accept Disclosure Agreement by clicking on the eSign document link at the bottom of the screen, entering the code contained in the link to the eSign Confirmation Code box, and selecting I Agree.
  5. You will be directed to the eStatements and eNotices site.
  6. Select your Statement delivery Preference and click “Next.”
  7. Then select “Enroll” to confirm your enrollment.