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About Us

NewAdminBuildingKern Schools Federal Credit Union is a full-service financial institution founded in 1938 (we received our federal charter in 1940) by a small group of teachers who met for the purpose of organizing a financial cooperative for Kern County public school teachers. Our first Credit Union “office” was a tiny room in the library of Bakersfield High School, and our one-person staff was an unpaid volunteer. At the end of our first year of operations, Kern Schools consisted of 141 Members with $1,336.84 in assets.

Simply stated, a lot has changed since our very humble beginnings, but the commitment to our Members has remained the same. Today, we are the largest Member-owned financial institution in Kern County with over 150,000 Members and over $1.2 billion in assets. Our staff of one unpaid volunteer has grown to over four hundred (400) team members, all with the purpose of providing the best Member service possible.

Come find out what over 150,000 Kern County residents already know— Kern Schools is the “Best Financial Institution in Kern County!”

About Credit Unions

Unlike other types of financial institutions, credit unions are not-for-profit corporations, owned by Members, and carry the movement-wide philosophy of People Helping People. Any profits earned by a credit union are passed along to Members in the way of higher dividends, better loan rates, and smaller fees. This is different from other financial institutions, like a bank or savings and loan, whose sole purpose is to earn high dividends for shareholders. Similarly, credit union boards of directors consist of unpaid volunteers, as opposed to large shareholders, elected by members to lead the organization.

Mission Statement

“The Credit Union Shall Build a Lifetime Financial Partnership with Members through Exceptional Service and Quality Financial Products.” Adopted March 26, 2001

In our continuing efforts to uphold our Mission Statement, team members at Kern Schools strive to identify and respond to the needs of our Members by offering cost effective and competitive financial products and services. Our Membership is provided with an extensive auto, home, and personal loan program, a complete savings program, value-added checking accounts, safe deposit boxes, nationwide ATM access, online banking with bill pay, mobile banking, and much more. With our Members always in mind, we will maintain the values in which we were founded in order to serve you and your family now and well into the future.